The Little Things

I haven't written anything in over a week, and it's¬†driving me crazy. As soon as I think of an idea worthwhile, four other things suddenly sound vastly more interesting. Or, alternatively, any idea I can think of is absolutely¬†awful and the words should never see the light of day. So, I tinker around. I toy... Continue Reading →


Beer-Infused Musings

I forget how easy it is to drink. I haven't had more than a glass of wine in a couple of weeks, but I still find myself going through a six pack at an alarming rate. I've smoked a grand total of one cigarette and two cigars in my life. Yet, when life pushes down... Continue Reading →


I stepped into the tiny church, more because I wanted out of the rain than from a desire to see the religious building. Two others were among the bare wooden pews already, fellow visitors from the ferry to the small island. As I sat there, texting in the house of the Lord, one of the... Continue Reading →

Something Good

I wrote at least two hours, every day, for all of last week. I missed yesterday, due to the chaos of moving in to my new house and a distinct lack of internet. It takes three weeks for a habit to form. It took one week for me to remember how much I love writing.... Continue Reading →


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I was feeling more than a little lost and alone. I tend to feel this way after every major decision: once my goal is reached, I sit around wondering, "Now what?", and without an immediate answer, I spiral into despair until I find another goal to... Continue Reading →

An Intimate Look At Leavenworth, WA

Nestled within the foothills of the jagged Cascade Mountains, straddling the aptly-named Icicle River, is a tiny little village where the buildings are all muraled, the beer is heartily German, and the tantalizing scents of sauerkraut and bratwurst waft through the main strip every single weekend. As I drive too quickly along the last few... Continue Reading →

A Transient Hypothetical

Let's say you have the money that's currently in your bank account, and your car is in its current condition but won't have any unexpected problems. Pick a direction and drive. Where do you go?  I'm about as far West as I can go without investing in a private airplane or a boat, and the... Continue Reading →

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