On Meditation and Introspection

It's no secret that meditating can help with depression and other mental illnesses, but for some reason I didn't ever internalize that message. Whether I thought it was "hokey" to be Zen, or simply couldn't quiet my ADD brain long enough to hear myself breathing, I found excuses to do everything except meditate. I'm a... Continue Reading →


Stream of Consciousness

For those who don't know: a week and a half ago, I packed up my life as I knew it and decided to start over. It hasn't necessarily been an easy transition, but then, no one said it would be.  * * * My main problem right now is that I feel hopelessly lonely. I’m... Continue Reading →

This is what artists do…

... is sell their art, right? It's a long story, but the short version is that I'm having trouble making ends meet, and I have a surplus of art supplies. One plus one makes two, yeah? For as long as I am able, I will be selling custom handlettered watercolor paintings for $15 each. They... Continue Reading →

8 Things I Learned From My Dog

At the end of January, I brought home my new four-legged baby: a two-year-old runty Belgian Malinois I quickly started calling "Booger". Most of the time, I refer to him as my service dog, because that's what he is (when we're out and about). But in reality, he's my pet, he's my baby, he's my... Continue Reading →

A Road Trip

Nothing rejuvenates creativity quite like sitting in a car for a week.  The Boyfriend, the dog, and I spent last week meandering along the Pacific coast, admiring the views (which were few)  that weren't obscured by rain and clouds (which were many).  All of these photos are my own, taken with my phone. Also uploaded... Continue Reading →

I Quit

I know, it's been a while since I've written anything. Much too long, really. I should correct that. It's been a while since I've posted anything. Yes, there we go. I've written, to be sure. I can't not write. You know this. But I retreated from the online world, and most of the real one, too. It's... Continue Reading →

The Spider’s Story

Some time in the future, far enough that you won't live to see it, but near enough to be plausible, there lived a spider. Like most spiders, he wasn't very pretty. But he was happy being a spider, because he got to hang out in quiet corners, and munch on the unfortunate bugs that wandered... Continue Reading →

then and now

Last time I felt this way, I became hyperfocused on a fictional tree. Last time I felt this way, I was shaking in a cafe in Reykjavik. Last time I felt this way, it was fear that rattled me. Now, as tears stream down my face, I find myself hyperfocused on a dog I don't... Continue Reading →

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