The Spider’s Story

Some time in the future, far enough that you won't live to see it, but near enough to be plausible, there lived a spider. Like most spiders, he wasn't very pretty. But he was happy being a spider, because he got to hang out in quiet corners, and munch on the unfortunate bugs that wandered... Continue Reading →



Oh, my love, If you only knew how much my heart aches as I watch you pull another long draft from the cigarette, causing the glowing embers on the end to collapse in on themselves and fall in mad little swirls to the pavement where, forgotten by their brethren, they extinguish. I can see you... Continue Reading →

Donna The Momma — A Children’s Story (Part 2)

This is part two to the children's story I posted yesterday. Click here to read part one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Donna's babies got older, they began to wander about the barnyard on their own. The summer was hot, and some of the baby birds went to the pond for a cool drink of water. The geese... Continue Reading →

Donna The Momma — A Children’s Story (Part One)

I've never written a children's story before, but took a shot at it last month. After a whole bunch of revising, I think I'm happy with where it is now. I broke it up into a couple posts because otherwise it's a bit lengthy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While the other birds on the farm enjoyed the warm... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Sunshine

When she laughed, it sounded like sunshine; it made his heart hurt. There had been a madness to her. A wild, intoxicating madness -- like being drunk on an elixir of life, he reflected as he hobbled slowly down the hall.  Everything moved slowly these days, except the days themselves. He stopped before a picture... Continue Reading →

Little Dancer

The brightness of the cloudy sky blinded the ballerina figurine, but was quickly, mercifully, blocked from view as heavy, grime-covered hands wrapped in fingerless gloves moved the flaps of the box aside. "What have we here?" A gruff, smoke-scratched voice emerged from the thick, wiry brown beard that covered most of the man's face. His... Continue Reading →

The Mother

  “Look baby, it’s the ocean.” She gestured out at the vast expanse of water with her free hand, her ten week old son cradled in the other arm. She stood knee-deep in the murky water, each incoming wave rocking her slightly. A playful breeze teased her hair. Her son grinned and clumsily clapped his... Continue Reading →

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