For the Birds

This is a very unrefined, unpolished poem, inspired by the videos of spoken word poetry I find on Button Poetry's page on Facebook.  I’m driving homeAnd I have to be aware of how heavy my foot isSo I don’t slam it on the gas pedal only to slamIt on the brakeAs my little car lurches... Continue Reading →


Overly Honest Dating Profile

I once spent a summer overseas, and I don't think I actually came back. I'm itching to find the farthest corner from this fucked up country. From there, I'll walk this earth and the next one and the one beyond because I don't think I know how to stay in one place. The scars I... Continue Reading →

I loathe the sun

But soft, what light through wonder window breaks? 'Tis the east, and the sun is here To ruin my sleep.  Daylight is cruel, demanding too much of what I don't have Be human it says Be alive. I am here bright and burning so burn with me. And I want nothing more than to shut it... Continue Reading →


Break your heart on me I'm not going to piece you back together because with any luck I'll be broken on you we'll forget about everything that happened before each other I'll seek the comfort of you hands you'll find the comfort in my skin summer nights too hot to spend together too long to... Continue Reading →


Today is better.  Better than yesterday, Better than many thousands of days that came before it.  Not better than all days Hopefully not better than tomorrow.  But today... Today is a good day.  And sometimes Most times That's more than enough. 

PS I Love You

It's a long story, but the short version is I (probably) love you. And I love him. And I love her, too. I know it's hokey to say, And it's only said after you've had a few, But it's true, I love you. And I love him, And I love her, too. I think I'm... Continue Reading →

Some Kind Of Magic

When you are small And your eyes are too bright for the world, You will ask a grown-up If there is magic, Really, real magic. And the grown-up, well meaning but oblivious, will say, "No, there is no such thing as magic. Witches and wizards Faeries and sprites Unicorns and dragons All are fictional Imaginary... Continue Reading →

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