An Intimate Look At Leavenworth, WA

Nestled within the foothills of the jagged Cascade Mountains, straddling the aptly-named Icicle River, is a tiny little village where the buildings are all muraled, the beer is heartily German, and the tantalizing scents of sauerkraut and bratwurst waft through the main strip every single weekend. As I drive too quickly along the last few... Continue Reading →


Essay: A Plea for Small Moments

It is said that life is not made up of the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away. This is true. It is also undeniably false. How often are we to see the love of our life as a vision in white? How often are we to... Continue Reading →

Proceed with caution

Trigger warning: discussion about abortion, trauma, depression, and all the nasty things that go with those. Proceed with caution.¬† ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Give it up for adoption," he said, waving his hands as he spoke. "I'm sure there's options other than a traumatic surgery if you don't want a child." He grinned and sipped his coffee. "But... Continue Reading →

Too Close To Home

When a deranged man full of hatred entered a nightclub in Orlando this spring, I was as far away as I could be whilst remaining within the same country. My heart broke as I read a list of names, wondering if, had it been a different man, a different city, a different club, I would... Continue Reading →

The Things Left Behind

When a relationship ends, there are casualties on both sides. When the emotions die down and the harsh sunlight of reality begins to filter through the dust kicked up by the storm, there's loss and devastation on both sides. They aren't joking when they say love is a battlefield. After the initial heartbreak of losing¬†someone... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Call Me Pretty

To: the future men and women in my life. Please don't call me pretty. Please don't tell me I'm beautiful, or hot, or sexy. I know this. And it doesn't matter. A year ago, or even a few months ago, such words would have made me blush. I would have batted my eyes coyly at... Continue Reading →

Blue Is Blue, Yellow Is Yellow

When I first met my friend Ruby (an extrovert in every definition), I was new to the concept of personality types and introversion versus extroversion. I don't remember why, but I decided to try and explain how I saw being an introvert compared to being an extrovert and how those relationships worked (based on the... Continue Reading →

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