This weekend hasn’t been an easy one – even after spending all day laying on the couch and going through the Harry Potter series, I still don’t have the energy for anything other than laying on the couch and reading Harry Potter.

Which is the long way of saying: this is a list post.

Number 39 from The Listful Prompts of Listing: “Stuff you want on your walls”.

Right now, my walls contain artwork, both my own and gifts from friends; postcards and memorabilia, such as my little sister’s wedding invitation; and one wall is dedicated to the maps, brochures, and little scraps of paper I gathered on my Iceland trip. Fairy lights run along the top of the room. But there’s always room for more.

I would also like…

  1. A giant, old-style clock
  2. A world map that I can pin all the places I’ve traveled to
  3. Shelves I can put books and cacti and succulents on. I’m terrible with plants, so the ones that don’t need water are the ones that I can manage to keep alive.
  4. Pictures. Everything is digital now, which is great, except it’s harder to obtain physical copies of my favorite photographs.
  5. I’ve always liked the idea of painting my ceiling with stars and galaxies. Unfortunately, even standing on my desk, I still can’t reach my ceiling, even if I was allowed to paint it.
  6. Maps. Of everywhere.

Normally I prefer things to be minimalist in style, but I like my walls to be a reflection of me, so they’re the only thing in my room that remains cluttered.

What would you like to have on your walls? If you’re having trouble thinking of stuff to write about as we near the halfway mark of NaBloPoMo, check out the link above as well as Promptosaur and the Hot Pepper Prompts for inspiration both serious and silly.



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