Day 16

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a tastefully-edited version of the journal I kept during the time I spent in Iceland. You can find all the entries and more on the “Iceland Transcribed” page.

The timeline got a little warped, sorry for any confusion for those of you following along!

Over dinner last night I started talking to two German girls, Sofia and Marieke, who were halfway through a hiking trip. They’ve done the Landmannalauger [Landt-mannt-ah-lau-ghar] and renewed the hope that, maybe, weather and fate providing, I could tackle the four-day mountain trek, too.

Sofia, the quieter of the two, went to bed fairly early, but Mareike and I stayed up to play cards with a group of four from France, although I only caught one of their names. We were up far too late last night, I think until about two in the morning. My 7am wake up wouldn’t have been so terrible if my roommate had, at any point in the night, stopped snoring.

Today was an early start because Toulouse, the teacher, and I wanted to get to a car rental as soon as we could. We found a small Toyota for 44,700 ISk for three days with unlimited kilometer driving range, with drop-off in Reykjavik, plus the standard insurance.
Toronto says she’s glad I went with Toulouse, and my main job for our drive tomorrow is to keep him calm, since he has anxiety. I mentioned I have anxiety, too, “But I don’t think it’s the same kind,” said Toronto. “You’re freaked out by people, he’s freaked out by… life!”
She’s got a point.

After a much needed nap I grabbed some groceries because I’m really tired of bread and peanut butter.

I also found the Leafsbread house, but they were closed.
Leafsbread comes from a time when wheat was scarce for the common citizen, so for the holidays, the families would roll a very thin flatbread with the wheat they had, and used utensils to mark designs into the bread (usually the children would do this). They would bake the flatbread, and that was part of their holiday dinner.

I got back from buying groceries right as it began to downpour. I stepped next door for Lunch 2.0 (or second lunch, as my hobbit kinfolk call it). I ordered salmon on fried bread, which tasted delicious, but my body still has strong aversions to large amounts of meat, and I had trouble finishing it.
To chase it down, I went to Kistjans Bakari (Kreest-jyawns bah-kah-ree] where I got halfway through an awful latte and enjoyed a toffee pastry. I should probably stick to tea at these kinds of places, since the coffee varies so much in quality from place to place.

So here I am. It’s now 5pm, and the rain has finally let up. I could (should) go see the pool and use the sauna, but I think they close soon and I’m not big on swimming anyway. I’m obviously not hungry after my second lunch so there’s no rush to make dinner. I suppose I could take it easy the rest of the evening and pack up, since Toulouse and I pick up the car at 9 in the morning.

Today feels like a reading sort of day.

I’m excited to see Seydisfjordur [Say-dis-fjord-ur] tomorrow! Toronto said there’s some good hikes in the area, and it looks beautiful in photos.

Ooh, it’s happy hour at the bar at Backpacker’s. Maybe I’ll meet some more cool people. Worst case scenario, cheap beer.
Well, affordable beer.


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