Day 15

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a tastefully-edited version of the journal I kept during the time I spent in Iceland. You can find all the entries and more on the “Iceland Transcribed” page.

Nothing says, “I’m okay” quite like crying immediately after breakfast. Twenty-two more days. I can last twenty-two more days.


I bumped into Toronto and the French teacher (Toulouse) at the bookstore, and was invited to go car camping for a couple of days with them, which sounds like a lot more fun than having anxiety attacks in Reykjavik.

But first, some budgeting:
– In bank: $1859.68
– Total hostels (projected): $882.38
– Bills at home: $241.45
– Food at $20 per day: $440
Leftover cash: $295.85

So if I factor out transportation costs and international fees, I’d probably have $200 (to be on the safe side). Plus the $200 left on the giftcard from some family members, which I can use for more tours, et cetera.

So, $400 to play around with. Easy. I drank too much coffee. Shaking.


I’m on a scavenger hunt! I was supposed to find:
– Laufas turf homes (too far away to walk to)
– Akureyri church


– The monsters Gryla, Krampus, and Jolakotturinn [I’m sorry but I can’t even try to pronounce that] the Yule Cat

– Best tea or coffee shop in town


– The weirdest thing to eat in town

– Find Jolahusid [Jyo-lah-hoos-idth], the Christmas house (too far away)
– The swimming pool with natural hot water
– Culture and arts festival, Listasumar (feature ended the day before I looked it up)
– A two-headed goat


I also bought Burial Rights by Hannah Kent, since I’m out of reading material and I have more in the budget than I thought originally.


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