Weekend Coffee Share

Come in, come in, get out of the rain. I’ve got tea, or coffee if you’d like. I hope you like Simon Pegg; I’ve been watching his movies recently. Oh, don’t mind the kitten, she’s been a nightmare all day. Did I tell you she ate two of my paintings this week?


She’s not allowed in my room anymore, the adorable little monster. The closed door has been confusing my Beastie, since he likes to go in and sleep on my bed.

Blankets made of cats fix about 80% of life’s problems.

My week has been… hectic. My promotion (yay!) came with stress by the fistfuls (boo!). A couple of days ago I went home two hours after my shift was supposed to end, a migraine making driving next to impossible. I’ve never had to fire someone before, and it turns out it’s even more unpleasant than I thought it would be.



With the incoming cold weather, I’ve been pulling out the crochet needles and yarn. I already have two Christmas present made, and I’m fully aware it’s not even October yet. (By the way, does anyone want a winter hat? I made a practice one, and I have no one to give it to.)img_20160910_102535.jpg

I haven’t been writing much lately. I could make excuses left and right, but you deserve better than that. The words are there, writhing, just below my skin, but I haven’t had the focus or energy to sit down and purge them.
Hopefully the rainy weather keeps up. I’m always more creative (and more sleepy) when it rains.

How has your week gone? Do you like Simon Pegg movies? Have you ever had to fire someone before?


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  1. That does sound like a tough week😕

    Firstly, on writing, it would’ve taken considered effort to curate and republish your Iceland notes so don’t be too hard on yourself.

    I would really struggle to fire someone. I don’t like those confrontational type conversations. I guess it depends how it’s received but you’d think I my like of work I’d be comfortable giving people a rejection: I’m really not.

    This hasn’t been a great week for me either tbh, and it was work-related too. I considered writing about it as a #WeekendCoffeeShare but I don’t talk work online as a rule. Partly because I probably shouldn’t due to some company policy, and partly because I don’t enjoy what I do so it would just be a moan! I guess a stray comment here is okay. Shh! They will never find it😳

    It boils down to I had a complaint made against me on Friday. Me! It’s not serious in the sense that my manager is backing me up and I didn’t actually do anything wrong – I’m absolutely confident of that; my conscience wouldn’t let me off the hook if I had – but it hurts knowing someone out there thinks otherwise. I’m not worried about my reputation, more that someone else was upset enough to lodge a complaint.

    It’s also frustrating as I know I’m the one doing my job correctly and I know multiple people are lying about their actions. Like I said, I don’t like confrontation. I was firm but fair during the phone call in particular; I didn’t even raise my voice.

    I’m in the wrong game. I know that and I’ve made no secret of the fact my ultimate goal is to get out – to move industries – and my boss knows this and is very supportive of my future plans.

    For now though I gave to stick with it. I’m just finding that all around me people are looking out for themselves or their friends. It’s very incestuous and I know I actually handle my role with fairness and diplomacy, where others would be harsh, unkind, and unyielding. That’s why receiving a complaint hurts. It’s the second one I’ve received in my entire professional career and the first was a similar circumstance: someone else was not following process and I was the one to get shamed for only trying to bring them in line.

    Anyway, sorry, clearly I had to get it out there after all. What was the other question? Oh! Simon Pegg! Yes, I love his movies. What did you watch? Ever seen Hot Fuzz? Gruesome but hilarious. Also, the crochet looks wonderful. What a thoughtful gift!

    I’m with the Beastie all the way though: You meanie! How could you shut the door on that adorable little face?!😜

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    1. Ohh that’s rough. I’m a very conflict-avoidant person as well; I know that, unless my team is absolutely stellar, I’m not going to stay at that job for too much longer. I’m sorry someone felt the need to file a complaint against you; that feels like someone making their problem into your problem.
      I watched Hot Fuzz and Kill Me Three Times! I wanted to watch Shaun of the Dead and World’s End (I think that’s what it’s called) but Netflix didn’t have them and I was too lazy to look for them online, haha.


  2. Sorry for your hectic week. A yes I had to fire somebody and it was terrible terrible terrible. But the worst management experience was yet to come when I was told we were downsizing and I had to reduce my staff by 47% and bust 4 managers to individual contributors. I almost had a nervous breakdown over it. No kidding. It was then I realised didn’t have the juice/venom to ever make it to the top. I hope your story has a better ending.

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  3. I just re-watched Hot Fuzz recently. Love me some Simon Pegg!

    I am sorry you had to fire someone, but I know you did it with as much dignity and grace as you could in the situation.

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