Weekend Coffee in Reykjavik 

If we met for coffee…

It would be by accident.

Maybe it’s because you like to look out the window, or maybe you want to charge your phone, or perhaps the stool beside me is the only one left in this café. Whatever the reason, you tap on the stool, clear your throat, and nod at me, the universal gesture for Is this seat taken? And I would shake my head, give you a quick smile, and wave my hand at the stool: Not at all, take a seat. 

“Are you from here?” You might ask me, after getting comfortable. 

I would laugh and say no, I am from the USA, while making a mental tally of how many times I’ve been asked that same question  (4). 

And as so many of my conversations have begun, you may ask how long I’ve been visiting, your eyes going wide when I tell you. 

“Five weeks?! So you have seen pretty much everything in Iceland, then,” you would probably say with a laugh.

It’s a fair assumption. That much time on a small island means a lot of ground can be covered. 

“Not everything,” I would say, before giving you a brief rundown of my travels. 

You might ask me if I’ve ever traveled before, and I would say yes, but never alone. 

“Where do you recommend going?” 

It’s a question I’m often asked, and my answer is usually, “Everywhere. No one place in Iceland compares to any other.” 

At some point you might ask how much longer I’m here for, and you might notice the change in my voice when I say I leave in two days. 

“You are going home?”

“Yes,” I would reply. “And I’m looking forward to being in a familiar area, with my cat and my roommates and my job. But I also wish I could bring all that I love about home over here. I don’t want to leave this place. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and so much more.”

And whether you had been on the island for an hour or a decade, you would almost surely nod your head in agreement: Yes, this place is incredible. 

It feels like I just landed at the airport the other day, and already I’m going to be on my flight home in less than 48 hours. Where is your home away from home? 

As always, this #weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Part-time Monster; link up to join!


7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee in Reykjavik 

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  1. Wow, it doesn’t feel like 5 weeks already! I was just yesterday wondering how much longer you’d be there.. Thinking in weeks, not days though! Don’t be too disheartened; I’m sure you will visit again. It sounds like in your heart you must (and you did mention the volunteering opportunity after all) 😊

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful place… My home away from home would have to be Durham in UK. It’s a small town but I think I could live there forever


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