Of All The Things…

Of all the things I thought I’d do in Iceland…

I never thought I’d go to a drag show on Gay Pride Day.

I never thought I’d get to play with an arctic fox, and find the volunteer opportunity of a lifetime.

I never thought I’d sleep in a car at the bottom of a waterfall.

I never thought I’d be galloping through the hills on a runaway horse.
(I never thought I’d be happy with a slower, quieter horse.)

I never thought I would hitchhike.

I never thought I would try eating hakarl, fermented shark (which I don’t have any pictures of).

But I did.

When I am home and have my laptop at my disposal, I will be transcribing my journal entries here, to give a fuller and more detailed account of my adventures (and misadventures and missed adventures). At the end of that, I’ll be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything), where I’ll answer any questions y’all may have. 

What’s something you never thought you would do, but did?


9 thoughts on “Of All The Things…

Add yours

  1. I still stand by what I said…I would missing having you here, but if opportunity comes then it sounds like you have found “your” place and I say go for it. Add that to your list of “never thought I would…” items 😀 Even with the posts and photos, it’s obvious what this place has done for you and continues to do. ❤


  2. I’m glad you’re having so many new and good experiences. It sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I look forward to your posts when you’re back, but the pictures are amazing 🙂


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