Súlur and Scavenger Hunts

Hello! I’ve had too much coffee and not enough sleep! And this should probably be called Akureryi Part 2 but I’m not going to worry about that right now. 

Two days ago I went on a hike! 

Up there, to be exact. 

It was not easy. As my hiking companion, a guy from Portugal who has been working in Iceland for the summer, said, “That was the best and worst five kilometers of my life.”

Yesterday, I was assigned a scavenger hunt around the city of Akureryi. I won’t post everything I found here (that’s for a later post), but some highlights were: 

The strangest thing on a menu
The Jólaköturrin, the giant Yule Cat who eats people


The Akureryi Church, visible from almost anywhere in town.

The scavenger hunt was so much fun, and a great way to get to know a city. Since I’ll be in Seydisfjördur and then Reykjavik, I’d like to do another hunt for cool/funny/interesting/inherently icelandic things. 

So, I’m taking suggestions. What should I look for in those areas, or in general? Should I touch a glacier? Take an embarrassed selfie at the Phallus Museum? Let’s explore!


10 thoughts on “Súlur and Scavenger Hunts

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  1. Admittedly never been to Iceland, but in Seydisfjördur apparently you can go kayaking in the harbour, or fishing, and the Skaftfell visual art centre sounds good. http://skaftfell.is/?lang=en

    Unfortunately looks like you’ve just missed the Lunga Art Festival which was at the end of July but it sounds like a nice place just to take in the scenery and do more hiking 🙂

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    1. That’s what I’m looking forward to! Unfortunately a lot of festivals end in July and don’t pick up again until mid or late August, but oh well. 😊 I’ll see what I can see (and take lots of pictures!)

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