Reykjavik – Part 2

This is less about the city and more about… well, dang near everything else. 

Yesterday I climbed Esja, Reykjavik’s “city mountain”, like how Akrafjall was the city mountain of Akranes. 

It. Was. Incredible. 

Also, incredibly difficult. Where I’m from, an “easy” hike probably means the pathway is paved, and you can finish the thing in flip flops, if you so desire (although you might not have much shoe left at the end).

It was not the case with Esja, which was described to me as “a pretty easy day hike”. 

Loose rocks, slick with rain; an unclear trail marked only by little wooden posts painted red; thick clouds surrounding the peak; all these things made an already steep hike more challenging. 

And all the more worth it. 

I ate lunch among the clouds and gods.

This morning I went on a horseback tour through Islenski Hesturinn- The Icelandic Horse. Iceland is the only place on earth where there are no diseases for the native horses, and as such, no other horses  (or even unsterilized riding gear) are allowed in the country. 

I was paired with a speedy black mare named Píla, which roughly translates to Arrow or Dart; a fitting name for her as she sped past her herd mates to be the first in line for most of the two hour ride. 

I’ve been graced with clear blue skies today, which shows how much I love y’all, staying inside for Internet access to post this! 

When I return home, I’ve decided to transcribe my journal entries from this trip, in order to give a fuller, more accurate account of this adventure, instead of random updates and sporadic pictures. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as mine is! 


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