Akranes (Ah-kren-aes) is an itty-bitty fishing town northeast of Reykjavik. It houses a pretty good bakery, and… that’s about it. 

Mouse had some good thinking time on the black sand beach.

Today wasn’t easy. I had intended to hike this mountain:

… but due to a wide variety of unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t happen (read:I got very lost and it started raining).

But I made some friends with these guys, who were curious about the human walking along the highway: 

… and then I got really homesick. 

Tomorrow I head back to the capital, and we’ll see where I go from there. 

After all, everything’s gonna be okay, and I’m going to have terrible, no good, very bad days sometimes.

Even in Iceland. 

Again, excuse any hiccups in formatting- this is being written on my phone. 


10 thoughts on “Akranes

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  1. This may very well be my favorite blog post of all time. =) Fox and Mouse and horses, good times and not so good, all mixed together with a beach and a little rain… enjoy these precious moments, E… years from now this day will be a treasure. =) =) Sighs with envy, as she types another paper in MLA format, wondering how she managed to be inside on a day like this… =)

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  2. Rain is not a good friend while hiking a mountain. But I’m glad you clicked that picture of Akrafjall. Such a beautiful place, and those horses add extra points. Tomorrow is going to be more beautiful. Enjoy!

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      1. Your mouse reminds me of your mouse story and the strawberries! Do your mountain, Little Mouse. It will bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment.
        Love you, Grandma


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