I’ve been talking in hashtags lately.

(I blame Ra, and a conversation we had months ago about how she didn’t think people would like working with her because she’s intense, and “Let’s go let’s go let’s go” is cute with a hashtag in front of it, but is less cute when it’s a fierce dinogirl staring someone in the face. I disagree. Her energy is contagious, not intimidating, and she’s a wonder to work with, #obviously.)

Once again, I find myself late for the Weekend Coffee Share. Because heaven forbid I manage to do anything on time. Also, it’s somewhere around two in the morning.


So, grab a beer (or glass of wine, or margarita, or Diet Coke… your choice), and settle in.

My sister got married this week.
It was a wonderful day, and not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. That was partly due to the fact that I was running around like a headless chicken setting up tables, arranging centerpieces, running messages between the bride and groom, and helping my grandmother sew  bow ties for the groomsmen.
It was a busy day.


It was magical seeing my little sister marry a wonderful, kindhearted man. I gleefully took on the stress of setting up in order to have them enjoy their special day. Watching them do their first dance, their baby son in their arms, nearly brought me to tears.


My other big point of discussion, of course, is about my travel plans. I leave in less than three weeks, and I couldn’t – be – more – excited.
Eight-year-old me would be over the moon about living her dreams of traveling a country by horseback, a tour I booked today!
Since I prefer to explore and follow the wind, most of my trip is up in the air as opposed to following a strict itinerary. Of course, the neurotic control freak in me is having mild panic attacks, screaming, “What if what if what if what if.”
I can usually shut her up by going over minute details of whatever happens to be in front of me.



I’m thrilled to announce that, last week, I received my very first promotion ever!


It means a few more responsibilities, a nice little raise, some extra authority, and… that’s pretty much it.
My job isn’t glamorous, but I don’t mind it.

Plus, you know, more money is always nice.


Most of my brain has been consumed by travel plans and work, but once in a while I realize my creative tendencies are bubbling to the surface.
With any luck (and no small amount of determination), I’ll have my children’s story, Donna The Momma, in the publication process by the end of the year!


One day, hopefully soon, I’ll be able to post something that isn’t a rambling list of updates and goings-on.




Do you ever talk in hashtags? What did your eight-year-old self dream of doing? Do you work too much?


10 thoughts on “#AllTheThings

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  1. I don’t think I talk too much in hashtags, but I guess that’s up to whoever hears me to decide if that’s too much or not. yay for promotions and upcoming journeys! 🙂

    Yes, I work way too much, unfortunately. :/

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  2. Horray for horseback riding adventures and promotions and family weddings with #allthefeels!!!

    I actually stop myself using hashtags often in texts and things because most real life acquaintances would be confuse.



  3. Haha, I never talk in hashtags – I only really use them on my Instagram posts – but I like seeing them in WordPress posts😊

    Ooh the wedding pictures are lovely. I particularly like the centrepieces with the tree trunk rounds.

    So so excited about your travel plans and to hear all about it when you come back. My friend is currently doing a similar trip across the U.S. with only the main flights planned. She was nervous too but seems to be having a blast from her sporadic updates. I’ll say what I’ll paraphrase what said to her: it will be the trip of a lifetime. Be safe, have fun and enjoy every minute. There will be bits that don’t go to plan but roll with it and soak up the experience. If the worst happens you also have a safety net (hello!). You will have a wonderful time❤️

    Oh! I’m also excited to see Donna the Momma come to fruition in the near future😆

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