The Boy With Blue Eyes

The facts are these:

  1. There is a boy with blue eyes.
  2. On June 12, 2016, a man with a gun walked into a night club.


Some people look at the boy with blue eyes and they see right away that his eyes are a dark, piercing sapphire. Others don’t see the color of his eyes until he tells them. Still more don’t ever get close enough to tell.

More than 100 people in that club had blue eyes. Nearly half of them are dead because of it. Those remaining will carry scars, mental and physical, for the rest of their lives.


The facts are these:

  1. The boy has a family, and is loved.
  2. 103 people, men and women, have families, and are loved.


There are those who would tell the boy with blue eyes that the color is a choice, a sin, and would demand that he change his eyes, or at least, not have blue eyes in public.
The boy could wear contacts that would change his eye color. He could stay inside for the rest of his life. He could pray and hope and will his eyes to turn brown, or hazel, or green, or gray.
But his eyes are blue.

A man with a gun hated people with blue eyes, so he killed some and injured more. Because their eyes were blue.


The facts are these:

  1. People have hated people from the time our primitive brains could distinguish between “us” and “them”.
  2. People have loved people, too, in spite of everything.


This love is evident in the lines of men of all creeds, waiting in the smothering Florida heat to give their blood, their life force, to those who need it more than they.
This love is evident in the women and children handing out food and drinks to the men waiting in line.
This love is evident in the voices of those – athletes, politicians, celebrities, and citizens  – teachers and students and lovers and fighters and sisters and brothers – voicing their outrage at such senselessness, sending their thoughts and prayers and condolences to the victims and the ones who love them.
This love is evident in the numbers of people who donated, without expectation of reciprocity, their hard earned dollars to mothers and fathers who must bury their sons and daughters, to siblings and friends who must care for their brothers: brothers in blood and brothers in bond.

We rise and fall and light from dying embers, remembrances that hope and love last longer
And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside.
– Lin-Manuel Miranda


The facts are these:

  1. Love does not come at a price.
  2. Those who wish to make others pay for their love are thieves who don’t understand what love is.
  3. The thieves and their hatred aren’t political, but politics will cash in on the hatred.


The boy with blue eyes is safe. He is well, and he is loved. He was on the other side of the country when a man with a gun walked into a nightclub.
He, so far, is very, very lucky.

Remember the names of those who paid for whom they loved. That’s who this is about.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.


Edward S.
Stanley A.
Luis O.
Juan G.
Eric O.
Peter G.
Luis V.
Kimberly M.
Eddie J.
Darryl B.
Deonka D.
Alejandro M.
Anthony L.
Jean P.
Franky V.
Amanda A.
Martin T.
Luis W.
Mercedez F.
Xavier R.
Gilberto M.
Simon F.
Oscar A.
Enrique R.
Miguel H.
Javier J.
Joel P.
Jason J.
Cory C.
Juan V.
Luis C.
Shane T.
Juan C.
Jerald W.
Leroy F.
Tevin C.
Jonathan V.
Jean R.
Rodolfo A.
Brenda M.
Yilmary S.
Christopher L.
Angel C.
Frank H.
Paul H.
Antonio B.

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11 thoughts on “The Boy With Blue Eyes

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  1. I’m with Jim Himes and Samantha Bee- silence is a fool’s payment in the face of such horror. Action and words and resolution are the only responses that are worth a damn. Life lost is love lost- for us all. I am diminished because they are gone, and am I to just take it and nod in grim acceptance as I bow my head?! I will be damned if I will.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Silence solves nothing. Respect those we’ve lost, by all means. And change needs to happen, definitely. But I wanted to bring attention to who the fight is for (and the ridiculousness of the cause for the fight) not the politics surrounding it, which is essentially all I’ve seen since the event.


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