Some Kind Of Magic

When you are small
And your eyes are too bright for the world,
You will ask a grown-up
If there is magic,
Really, real magic.

And the grown-up, well meaning but oblivious,
will say,

“No, there is no such thing as magic.
Witches and wizards
Faeries and sprites
Unicorns and dragons
All are fictional
So very

And the eyes that shone upon the world
Will become ever so slightly dimmer;
It happens to all of us.
And why shouldn’t you believe the grown-ups?
After all, they are giants who own the earth
And everyone knows
The biggest beast gets to make up the rules.

But small one, you will understand far too soon
That the days grow long
And dark
And cold
And takes so much energy to see
The light
The warmth
The magic.
Even grown-ups were small, once,
And their eyes were too bright for the world.
As they got bigger, the grown-ups realized
The world is a hard place to be in,
So they used their giant’s brain more
And their heart less.
It happens to all of us.

But just because we stop looking for magic
Does not mean it ceases to be.
Because some kind of magic is real,
Really really real,
If only you know to find it.

When you have had a bad day,
And a cat purrs in your lap while
The dog licks away your tears
With sloppy puppy kisses,
There is some kind of magic.

When you play outside
On the first warm day of spring,
And you wonder at the brilliance of the sun
While violets bloom into life at your feet,
There is some kind of magic.

When you awaken on a winter morning
To the hush of the world that lies
Beneath a blanket of freshly fallen
Crisp white snow,
There is some kind of magic.

As you read a book
That captivates your imagination
And makes the time fly by
Like so many little birds,
There is some kind of magic.

You will grow up some day,
And become a giant who makes up the rules.
On a bad day, you may forget that magic is real,
Really really real,
Because it is so hard to find.

It happens to all of us.

But take courage, dear heart,


Stand a little taller
Feel a little better
Smile a little wider
Love a little harder
Some kind of magic grows a little stronger.

Do you know why?
Take your best guess.

It’s because…

The some kind of magic is you.

So hold on to the magic,
No matter what the grown-ups say.
If you can do that, your eyes will
Forever be
Too bright for the world.


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