This Week In Words

Some things stand out on some days, other things stand out on others. So far this week, I’ve been noticing silly conversations, strange signs, and the oddest of sentences, and decided to document them for all to see, because why not?


(A conversation between the roommates that I overheard)
Josh: “There’s a lot of hair in the [bathroom] sink.”
Amanda: “Whose is it, mostly?”
Josh: “Uh..[looks again]. The cat’s?”


A Limerick About Work
This place is a freakin’ zoo,
But what am I s’posed to do
About the crazy old lady
Or the guy who seems shady
Or the crackhead who’s eating a shoe?


“Vote racoons for city council.”


“Hey Dad! Did Mom tell you I’m planning a trip to Iceland?”
“No, she didn’t.”
“Oh. Well I’m planning a trip to Iceland!”
“You don’t say.”


[On the phone with Josh, planning a household dinner.]
Me: “We have Tabasco at the house.”
Josh: “I could just buy Sriracha while I’m at the store.”
Me: “Sriracha is the ketchup of hot sauces; gross.”
Josh: “No, that’s Tabasco.”
Me: “Tabasco is better.”
Josh: “I would say we’re at an impasse, but it’s my money so [raspberry noises].”

I can’t wait to see what Friday brings.
A. Mouse

Have you had any weird conversations this week? Have you ever written a limerick about work? What’s the silliest political sign you’ve seen?



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