Stars In Jars

Descending the mountain in darkness,

The horizon catches my stare —

An alarming red line before the deep

Color of night.

My tired eyes wander haphazardly


Meandering in the direction of the zenith.

The sky can hardly be called “dark”

For it is much too bright,

Alight with stars.

I can see myself soaring,

Arms open, like Peter Pan,

Holding an open jar.

A jar for stars.

Orion will be missing his belt tonight

Because it will be lighting my room

In a pale, muted, white-blue glow

Along with Leo’s paw and Pegasus’s wing

And Draco’s head,

And hundreds of other pinpricks of light.

I’ll bring them back to earth

In this little glass jar

And keep them in my room.

Right there, next to the bed

So I can always see my

Jar of stars.



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