Silver Linings

“Silver Lining” is a prospect of hope or comfort in a gloomy situation.

Comfort is a tree
whose limbs graciously hold me
high above the ground.

“You are safe with me,”
whisper the leaves in my ear.
“You need not have fear.”

Comfort is a cat
mewing loudly as I walk
in through the front door.

“I missed you,” she says.
“I was lonely,” she tells me.
“Please don’t leave again.”

Comfort is thoughts of
stolen grapes, midnight hikes, and
television shows.

“We are memories,”
they say. “Things of your past. We
will not go away.”

Comfort is letters,
impatiently waited for,
excitedly read.

“I am here for you.
I love you. I will be home
soon enough,” they read.

Every cloud has an
outline made of silver. I
found mine in small things.


4 thoughts on “Silver Linings

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  1. I find my silver lining in the small things, too! At the end of the day, it’s all that matters… and I love the meow of an impatient, lonely cat– it’s so warm. 😀


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