True Cost

“True Cost is a term for the often-overlooked, comprehensive expense of something, including the time-related and emotional costs.”

I tend to think very literally. So this prompt from Rarasaur is a wee bit difficult for me. But, what the hell, I’ll have a go at it anyway.

But I’m stealing her example of owning a cat, since I don’t have children.

Calypso (then named Faith) had cost $85 from the shelter.

The litterbox, litter, food, treats, collar, and cat nip cost another $35.

The emotional costs:
– Delight at learning my cat played fetch.
– (Slight worry when I learned she only played fetch with my hair ties)
– Contentedness when she cuddles, which she does often.
– Fascination when I learned exactly how smart she is (too smart).
– More worry that she will swallow a hair tie and need surgery.
– Comfort at the thought of her being around for another twenty years.
– Bewilderment and confusion when I think of what, exactly, I got myself into.
– The grief I know I will experience when she eventually passes.

I have owned many pets in my lifetime, but Calypso is the first that I am utterly responsible for. I’d say the emotional and monetary costs are well worth it.

Thanks to rarasaur for reminding me!
Thanks to rarasaur for reminding me!

6 thoughts on “True Cost

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  1. What a wonderful name! Do you have a picture? I love the way you did this where the financial costs look so small compared to a long list of emotional responses to cat ownership.

    PS – Good on you for adopting!


    1. I have a picture of her in another post (It’s Okay To Exhale).. I forgot to put it in this one. Oops!
      Ha, thank you. It was entirely accidental.
      It’s a running joke that I’m attracted to strays. (:


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